Puppeee 1.0 for the eee is Released

August 7, 2010 - Puppeee, amazing distro for the eeePC, is released.

puppeee screenshot

In the puppeee home page, Jemimah wrote: Puppeee is an ultralight, user-friendly Linux distribution for the EeePC

Puppeee should work on EeePCs with Intel GMA900, GMA950, and GMA3150 graphics cards. This is most 10 inch or smaller models. There is partial support for the 1101HA/1201HA with the GMA500 using Xvesa.

Jemimah has described Puppeee's development in the Forum: Puppeee comes with a custom ultralight preemptive kernel optimized specifically for Atom or Celeron processors - the result is fast boot time, high performance, and low power usage.

Download Puppeee and read the install instructions given in the same page. For feedback, visit the puppeee forum.

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UbuntuStudio PuppyLinux Version

July 30, 2010 - Ubuntu Studio Puppy Edition - the creative power of Ubuntu Studio with the speed of Puppy Linux!

ubuntustudio desktop

Download from here (user=puppy password=linux).

For feedback, visit the forum.

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New NOP Puppy

July 19, 2010 - Quirky 1.20 NOP is here! See the Forum. Download quirkyNOP from here (user=puppy password=linux), 100 MB, md5sum = 0a5c83fa3331cc32ed895d1e047f740d

quirkyNOP desktop

Gray describes the new NOP:

This is a 100Mb remaster of Quirky 1.2 in the tradition of previous NOPs.

Nearly Office Pups are so called because office apps have been removed ready for you to tack on an SFS file of your favourite office suite (recommend Open Office).

Replaced JWM/ROX with XFCE 4.6.2 / Thunar
Replaced SeaMonkey browser suite with Firefox 3.6.6 / Sylpheed
Removed Abiword, Gnumeric, Homebank, Ayytm, Geany
Added Transmission
Added Pwidgets 2.27
Removed Nvidia proprietary driver - if you have an Nv card you would probably want to add the full Nvidia driver anyway!

Note that this is not an upgrade for previous NOP - it will need a fresh savefile.

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MyWolfe 019


This release of MyWolfe has a few new items in it and I have moved back up to the Xorg-7.5 now that I have things working right. It also has Xserver-1.7.1 it is close to one of Barry Kauler's Quirky build.

Thanks to scOtman for the program jwm-wallpaper, but I had to edit some because of the wbar. Wbar is at the top of the screen and I like it. Some who tried MyWolfe-018 got to see my first attempt at wbar I have come to understand it more now.

Again thanks to jemimah for here pwireless2 I have put pwireless2-1.0 in and it is doing a great job. She also introduce me to gogglesmm and I still have it in most of my builds.

Because of scOtman I was able to build a few small scripts to allow a user to change the system sounds though the control panel found on the wbar.

There is one to change the startup sound, one for shutdown sound, and last but not least, one for reboot sound.

Rox is back to being the default file manager, to put is simply it just works it may not have all the features I may want but it works. But I did disable the pinboard so as to allow Jwm to control the background image.

You can see screen shot of MyWolfe-019 here. I am using the same images as MyWolfe-018 for nothing has changed in the gui part.

It still has Gimp-2.6.8 I know there out the 2.6.10 but I have not had the time to work with it and Barry does a better job of it than me.

It has Picasa to help you organize and do simple editing of your pictures and if you want you can create and upload to a online data base and never lose them.

As with all my last builds it has Google-chrome 5.0.375.99 stable I did not put in the development release for I was not sure if it was ready for prime time.

I also want to thank Barry Kauler for his fine work on the woof build system I have come to know it inside and out. What a learning experience.

Last note is if a pet will run in Quirky it should then run in MyWolfe for I have not change any of the libs.

You can download it here MyWolfe-019


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Quirky is Released - Barry's Testing Platform

Quirky logo June 5, 2010 - Quirky 1.20 is released. Get the qrky-120.iso from here and read Barry's announcement. Note: qret-120.iso is the retro version (using the kernel of version 4.3.1).

May 5, 2010 - Quirky 1.00 is released, a 106-MB test platform for cutting-edge features of Puppy Linux.

Q1.00 is a multimedia special that should be able to play most multimedia formats. It also supports 3G modems.

The Linux kernel version is and the default window manager is Openbox with Fbpanel (JWM is also available).

The builder of Q1.00 is "Woof", Barry Kauler's scripts for building a Puppy Linux distro from another distro's binary packages. However, Q1.00 is "home-grown" as Barry used binaries that he himself built from T2.

With Q1.00 released, a home-grown Woof-let, other Puppy Linux devs can use its tested features to deliver new Woof-lets from mainstream distros, benefitting the user with a wide array of packages while keeping the OS compact.

See Barry's announcement and go to the download folders at ibiblio.org or nluug.nl. Get quirky-100.iso, 106 MB, md5sum = ed663f31c5ac2f4ae4819dcf3b8d2199

For feedback, visit the Forum.

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New puplet from the Hungarian Puppy Linux Community: Suli-Puppy

Suli-puppy (means school-puppy in english) was created by Kros54 and Sancurka, hungarian forum members.


This puplet is based on the browserlinuxCL11 puplet.
Built especially for educational purpose and surfing the web. There is also a localized, hungarian version.
This puplet is in use in some Hungarian schools and pre-schools.
Small, fast, easy to handle and boots quickly on old machines.
Suli Puppy proved to be the best choice for newbies and children.

It includes Wine 1.1.43. has ability to run well-known softwares and portable programs,
Spread - a freeware spreadsheet program,
Klavaro – typing tutorial,
Vlc media player,
Sebran educational software with 12 lesson for improving learning skills
and some originally builtin program.

More in hungarian here.

Get the Suli-Puppy here.

Downloads, pictures, more localized puplets and forum :
The Hungarian Puppy Linux Community page.

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New puplet Puppy Crypt 4.3 with OpenOffice, Skype, VLC and TrueCrypt

Puppy Crypt based on Puppy Linux 4.3 - 357 MB

Puppy Crypt screenshot

MD5sum d204db7f51517ab20a8e392572235afe


  • OpenOffice 3.1 (dictionary: EN, IT, ES, PO, DE, FR) - office suite with "Sun PDF Import Extension"
  • Skype 2.0 - internet telephony
  • Vlc 0.8.6 - media player with audio and video codecs
  • TrueCrypt (volume mounted in "mnt", with Desktop link) - create a virtual encrypted disk
  • GtkHash - create hash from files or text (MD5, SHA1, ...)
  • Bcrypt GUI - a GUI tool to encrypt files
  • Figaro's Password Manager
  • SeaMonkey - browser web
Older versions at Puppy Crypt's home.

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ShepherdPup Linux

ShepherdPup 5.0 Lucid

Two new beta versions of ShepherdPup Linux have been released one a 5.0 Lucid version, the other a 4.3.1. These two releases preview the second generation of ShepherdPup - a Christian Linux distribution designed to be shared and given much like a tract or ministry offering. Both spotlight the latest generation of pBiblx2 bible study software.

pBiblx2 - Field Wise Bible System
This second generation takes study into a whole new realm, that of sharing. An PERL CGI on top of the trusted Hiawatha HTML server, with integrated Wiki notes/RSS2 Feed Generation/and more, pBiblx2 becomes the Internet presence/hub of your personal or group ministry. All notes, all references, all resources, there freely to be shared.

A live demo of pBiblx2 can be found at ShepherdPup Home Site as well as both downloads. pBiblx2 is also available in .pets and .tar.gz.

ShepherdPup Forum: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=55682
pBiblx2 Forum: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=55681
Pbiblx2 at Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pbiblx2"

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Puppy Linux Arcade

May 22, 2010 - Sc0ttman released Puppy Arcade 8. What's new, according to sc0ttman: Upgraded emulators, easier to use, more help, quick start dialog, browser installer, automatic BIOS/ front-end downloaders, default emulator choosers and a lovely all-in-one, cabinet-friendly, multi-emulator rom-loader!

(Based on TurboPup Xtreme, Puppy 4.2, kernel

Puppy Arcade 8

Download from Mirror1 105 MB md5sum = a0bdb77c2da603105a8ec0f51b2a0310

For more information and feedback, visit the Forum.

Read more below for older/version 5 of Puppy Arcade.

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French Puppy (Toutou) Has New Fat Version

May 12, 2010 - Toutou (French version of Puppy Linux) has a new fat version, thanks to Argolance and friends.

Toutou Linux

Some translated descriptions from the Forum: [We are] pleased to provide you with Fat TEST version .. that we hope to be fairly complete and best run on machines with at least 700 MB of RAM.

In addition to the appearance and visual themes, the Fat version shipped the following applications (we have chosen, to the extent possible, the latest versions of these applications and have translated them to French):

Audacity (Audio editor and recorder)
Exact Audio Copy (Ultimate tool for ripping CDs and converting to MP3, FLAC)
InkScape (Vector graphics)
Notecase (Outliner - Word Processing, structured and hierarchical)
OpenOffice Suite (The best alternative to Microsoft Office)
Pburn (Burning CD/DVD/Blu-ray ...)
PeaZip (Open-source file compressor)
Pwidgets (Bars 'stuff' and 'gadgets' on the right and/or left on the desktop - not required but appreciated by some ...)
Rox (File manager/explorer, simple and practical)
SeaMonkey Suite (Suite of applications for the Internet)
Scribus (Desktop publishing)
Gimp (Graphics design and photo editor, very powerful)
VLC (Media player, extremely lightweight and powerful)
Vuze (P2P software designed for the Bittorrent protocol)
wxMusik (Jukebox open source, lightweight and French)
Wine (Allows to run some Windows applications under Linux!)

... And all other applications in the standard version.

Many more improvements in menus, translations and shortcuts for the user to discover...

Download toutou_431_fat_version_test.iso 468 MB md5sum = 6f7290e77f47e8122c71c3f6e27d697d

For feedback, visit the Forum.

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