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ShepherdPup 5.0 Lucid

Two new beta versions of ShepherdPup Linux have been released one a 5.0 Lucid version, the other a 4.3.1. These two releases preview the second generation of ShepherdPup - a Christian Linux distribution designed to be shared and given much like a tract or ministry offering. Both spotlight the latest generation of pBiblx2 bible study software.

pBiblx2 - Field Wise Bible System
This second generation takes study into a whole new realm, that of sharing. An PERL CGI on top of the trusted Hiawatha HTML server, with integrated Wiki notes/RSS2 Feed Generation/and more, pBiblx2 becomes the Internet presence/hub of your personal or group ministry. All notes, all references, all resources, there freely to be shared.

A live demo of pBiblx2 can be found at ShepherdPup Home Site as well as both downloads. pBiblx2 is also available in .pets and .tar.gz.

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Added by 1pritts2 May 23, 2010 (12:46PM)

1pritts2u on June 23, 2010 (1:19PM)

Work has begun on a supplemental manual focusing on using pBiblx2 in conjunction with other pets and apps, a sort of building block approach to bigger and better evangelical uses.

The first entry in this series is regarding public presentation projections using NoteCase/Seamonkey/pBIblx2/xrandr. This building block approach produces a capable feature rich projection package with all components resident on a stock Shep CD.

This manual is being authored in NoteCase and is also available in its original ncd format for first hand trial.

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