French Puppy (Toutou) Has New Fat Version

May 12, 2010 - Toutou (French version of Puppy Linux) has a new fat version, thanks to Argolance and friends.

Toutou Linux

Some translated descriptions from the Forum: [We are] pleased to provide you with Fat TEST version .. that we hope to be fairly complete and best run on machines with at least 700 MB of RAM.

In addition to the appearance and visual themes, the Fat version shipped the following applications (we have chosen, to the extent possible, the latest versions of these applications and have translated them to French):

Audacity (Audio editor and recorder)
Exact Audio Copy (Ultimate tool for ripping CDs and converting to MP3, FLAC)
InkScape (Vector graphics)
Notecase (Outliner - Word Processing, structured and hierarchical)
OpenOffice Suite (The best alternative to Microsoft Office)
Pburn (Burning CD/DVD/Blu-ray ...)
PeaZip (Open-source file compressor)
Pwidgets (Bars 'stuff' and 'gadgets' on the right and/or left on the desktop - not required but appreciated by some ...)
Rox (File manager/explorer, simple and practical)
SeaMonkey Suite (Suite of applications for the Internet)
Scribus (Desktop publishing)
Gimp (Graphics design and photo editor, very powerful)
VLC (Media player, extremely lightweight and powerful)
Vuze (P2P software designed for the Bittorrent protocol)
wxMusik (Jukebox open source, lightweight and French)
Wine (Allows to run some Windows applications under Linux!)

... And all other applications in the standard version.

Many more improvements in menus, translations and shortcuts for the user to discover...

Download toutou_431_fat_version_test.iso 468 MB md5sum = 6f7290e77f47e8122c71c3f6e27d697d

For feedback, visit the Forum.

Added by raffy May 12, 2010 (10:47PM)

argolance on June 16, 2010 (10:20AM)

Le lien donné est périmé! Il s'agissait de la version de test de Toutou lINUX - Fat Version. La version finale est disponible ici:
et là:

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