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Quirky logo June 5, 2010 - Quirky 1.20 is released. Get the qrky-120.iso from here and read Barry's announcement. Note: qret-120.iso is the retro version (using the kernel of version 4.3.1).

May 5, 2010 - Quirky 1.00 is released, a 106-MB test platform for cutting-edge features of Puppy Linux.

Q1.00 is a multimedia special that should be able to play most multimedia formats. It also supports 3G modems.

The Linux kernel version is and the default window manager is Openbox with Fbpanel (JWM is also available).

The builder of Q1.00 is "Woof", Barry Kauler's scripts for building a Puppy Linux distro from another distro's binary packages. However, Q1.00 is "home-grown" as Barry used binaries that he himself built from T2.

With Q1.00 released, a home-grown Woof-let, other Puppy Linux devs can use its tested features to deliver new Woof-lets from mainstream distros, benefitting the user with a wide array of packages while keeping the OS compact.

See Barry's announcement and go to the download folders at ibiblio.org or nluug.nl. Get quirky-100.iso, 106 MB, md5sum = ed663f31c5ac2f4ae4819dcf3b8d2199

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Added by raffy June 5, 2010 (6:07PM)

its-me-again on June 14, 2010 (7:51AM)

is there any proposed newer versions than quirky 100 its a good os but a bit limited atm as it does not have sound drivers installed. is anyone working on this project? i believe quirky to be a more traditional puppy. and have had major issues with the puppy 5 series installing ubuntu apps broke my os too much so i gave it the flick after reinstalling several times.

Ans: See updated quirky version in the main post. And quirky is non-traditional puppy, an experimental one.

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