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This release of MyWolfe has a few new items in it and I have moved back up to the Xorg-7.5 now that I have things working right. It also has Xserver-1.7.1 it is close to one of Barry Kauler's Quirky build.

Thanks to scOtman for the program jwm-wallpaper, but I had to edit some because of the wbar. Wbar is at the top of the screen and I like it. Some who tried MyWolfe-018 got to see my first attempt at wbar I have come to understand it more now.

Again thanks to jemimah for here pwireless2 I have put pwireless2-1.0 in and it is doing a great job. She also introduce me to gogglesmm and I still have it in most of my builds.

Because of scOtman I was able to build a few small scripts to allow a user to change the system sounds though the control panel found on the wbar.

There is one to change the startup sound, one for shutdown sound, and last but not least, one for reboot sound.

Rox is back to being the default file manager, to put is simply it just works it may not have all the features I may want but it works. But I did disable the pinboard so as to allow Jwm to control the background image.

You can see screen shot of MyWolfe-019 here. I am using the same images as MyWolfe-018 for nothing has changed in the gui part.

It still has Gimp-2.6.8 I know there out the 2.6.10 but I have not had the time to work with it and Barry does a better job of it than me.

It has Picasa to help you organize and do simple editing of your pictures and if you want you can create and upload to a online data base and never lose them.

As with all my last builds it has Google-chrome 5.0.375.99 stable I did not put in the development release for I was not sure if it was ready for prime time.

I also want to thank Barry Kauler for his fine work on the woof build system I have come to know it inside and out. What a learning experience.

Last note is if a pet will run in Quirky it should then run in MyWolfe for I have not change any of the libs.

You can download it here MyWolfe-019


Added by Grumpyw July 13, 2010 (8:13PM)

Lewis on August 6, 2010 (2:20AM)

Several problems and questions.

It's a nice distribution.

Help doesn't work.

XINE doesn't work, on most file types due to missing codecs. Is there a place to get them?

Is there a way to get VLC working?

How about automounting drives for the desktop like in 430? What program is that?

Thanks for the hard work.

luciano1581 on July 31, 2010 (12:11PM)

Muchas gracias por tu wolfe la instale en eun pendrive con unebootin-windows-357.exe y anda a la perfección.
mi primer puppy fué puppy-4.2.1 pero al igual que a lucid puppy, no los pude hacer andar con wlan wep. wolfe fue la solucion. buen trabajo. gracias mil

Bushman on July 19, 2010 (12:42PM)

great looking build! i had no issues downloading and burning the ISO, however when i booted it up it turned my screen a weird translucent (i could still see the desktop and use all the features) green..............rebooting plus adjusting my screen color did not help.

i would post this over at but i do not use Gmail ........

running it on a ASUS A7V8X-X mobo with a ATHLON XP 2500 CPU, 3 GB of ram, SATA raid controller card with twin WD 500GB sata drives and the main drive is a IDE Maxtor 200 gb Hd

Doug Smith on July 16, 2010 (8:16PM)

I'm thinking about possibly using mywolfe for my thin client at work especially since it has chrome. I tried LUPU and the problem was there was no .pet for Nvidia 173.x. I would just compile them myself except the reason i'm using puppy is i'm limited to a 1 Gig flash drive and ran out of space trying. Is there a .pet for the 173 on mywolfe?

For now I'm using Puppy 4 and I'm wondering is mywolfe more like 5 lupu or is it 4 or something completely different?

Grumpywolfe on July 15, 2010 (8:09AM)

I would appreciate it if you would please goto and give a few more details like your computer specs so that I can at lest try and find out what may have gone wrong.

svgt on July 14, 2010 (5:14PM)


I just have done a frugal install on hdd. I clicked around about five minutes. Then I left MyWolfe with the restart buttom.

The cursor froze and the system went deaf.

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