HaRo - Puplet for Internet Cafe

May 15, 2010 - Pri released the latest HaRo with new themes and backgrounds, plus PCmanfm file manager.

HaRo ICEWM desktop

Pri describes the new HaRo: Many applications removed, but made available for browsing and office work:

  1. openoffice 3.2 cutdown with writer, calc and impress
  2. added firefox 3.6 with add-ons:
  3.      prism
         cool preview
         Flash Block
         1 click youtube downloader
         web mail notifier
  4. pidgin
  5. xnview
  6. inkscape
  7. galculator
Also, now using Jemimah's icewm .. and using idesk for icon, and .. if you change the theme, background will change, too. Added WINE and gallery from openoffice - now artistic font can work again.

Pri is a Puppy Linux enthusiast from Indonesia.

Download HaRo-431.iso 233 MB md5sum = 6f628dbfb83e61a04ca625f47924f2b1

For feedback and download mirrors, visit the Forum.

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MacPup - Use Puppy Feel Like a Mac

April 24, 2010 - Macpup Opera 2 is released

macpup opera desktop

From the Forum: Prit And I are proud to announce the release of our newest e17 Macpup, Macpup Opera 2.0

Macpup Opera 2.0 (a.k.a. O2) is based on Puppy Linux 4.3.1 (k2.6.30.5). O2 has all the apps from 4.3.1 plus Opera 10.10 and Gimp 2.6.3. O2 also Has Dbus 1.2.16. The Enlightenment e17 window manager version .061 was also compiled and installed from source. You can also use jwm. Use the exit menu to change window managers (In e17 that is the exit icon on the desktop.Please note that not all the options in the e17 system shutdown menu work with Puppy Linux, that is why the exit menu was added).

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Puppy Linux 4.4 Testing in Progress

April 20, 2010 - Technosaurus has announced the first 4.4 alpha in the Forum.

The pre-release versions of the 4.4 CE are for testing and comments. Many programs have been updated and recompiled by Technosaurus and the team, and they request you to please report any unusable or otherwise annoying changes that you encounter.

The pup44-a1 iso is available here.

The bug tracker is here.

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Lighthouse Pup Shines Light on Users

April 3, 2010 - Lighthouse Pup 4.43 Gu2 is released (G update 2) - see the Forum announcement by Tazoc.

lighthouse pup desktop

Lighthouse Pup is a versatile, constantly updated Puppy Linux. Tazoc writes in his home page:

Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system. Derived from PuppyLinux, it offers several media players, WINE and WINEtricks, GIMP image editing, multi-user support, a choice of window managers and Gslapt package manager. Optional: KDE ('K' Desktop Environment) and Compiz-Fusion eye-candy and accessibility components. Modular design supports up to 40 concurrent SFS software combo-packs including Lighthouse Mariner, Voyager, KDE, OpenOffice, Opera, GoogleEarth, Kompozer, Kdenlive and Bibletime.

You can download the new as well as old versions of LighthousePup (see 4.1.2 series and 3.01/2.15 series - lower numbered series will be suitable to very old PCs).

Tazoc continues: From the start of Lighthouse Pup in 2007 I've tried to make the software pre-configured and tuned for a pleasant experience, including a variety of popular Linux applications and building on the agility and adaptability of PuppyLinux. The feedback and great ideas on the Puppy forum have really improved and expanded Lighthouse Pup, and I'm grateful for that.

For feedback, visit Tazoc's recent post in the Forum.

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Molinux - Spanish Puppy Linux (Castellano/Español)

March 15, 2010 - Molinux Zero 2.0 Spanish Puppy Linux is announced. Molinux Zero 2.0 Español Puppy Linux es anunciado.

Molinux Zero 2.0 desktop

Molinux Zero 2.0 is based on Bobby 1.0 which in turn is based on Puppy Linux 4.20. Go to the download page.

Molinux Zero 2.0 se basa en Bobby 1,0 que a su vez está basada en Puppy Linux 4.20. Ir a la página de descarga.

Molinux Zero can operate in old PC - it will operate in minimum 166Mhz processor, 32Mb Ram + Swap (64MB recommended), + 20 x CDROM drive and hard drive.

Molinux Zero puede funcionar en PC antiguos - que operará en el procesador de 166Mhz mínimo, 32MB RAM + Swap (se recomiendan 64 MB), + 20 x unidad de CD-ROM y disco duro.

For feedback, visit the Forum.

Para comentarios, visite el Foro.

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Continuous Improvement to Official Puppy with Stardust 4.3.1

March 12, 2010 - Official Puppy gets continuous improvement with Zigbert's Stardust 4.3.1, now version 013.

Stardust 4.3.1 desktop

Focus on desktop flow and ease of use.
- Desktop in DeepThought taken to next stage.
- Cleanup in apps, menus and kilobytes.

BE AWARE!!! If you have Puppy installed, you MUST run this with the prefix 'puppy pfix=ram'. Else, the Stardust desktop will not install.

For version 013, I encourage all users to NOT use Puppy Stardust, but instead help technosaurus with Puppy 4.4.

Get the latest Stardust 13 here (user=puppy password=linux). ISO is 99 Mb with md5sum = ef972b75074ab2a34e8b38797fa91fc8

See VERSION 13 Forum Post for details.

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BrunoPup for Good Looks and Rich Media Interface - Based on 4.3.1

BrunoPup is a 4.3.1 puplet with WINE 1.1.16 for running Windows programs, and Java 1.6.0_16. It also has Firefox (Bon Echo in addition to Seamonkey 1.1.18 browser. See the updated download URLs below.

BrunoPup desktop

March 4, 2010 - BrunoPup is released in the Forum by BigMike:

Bruno Pup 2.0 is a whole new look and uses the latest Gnome directory icons. For system icons it uses a combination of Gnome and Crystal icons.

It includes WINE, Java and Flash player. I have also added plugins, extra codecs and needed extra drivers.

It has been pre-configured so there is little to do but boot up Bruno and run it.

A menu for Windows programs is also included. which automatically detects the Windows programs you add to the "wine drive" directory I added in root.

It includes Firefox (Bon Echo) and Seamonkey web browsers. Fonts have been added to make browsing better.

I added Sakura console with transparency.

It is camera-ready for cam chip and USB camera attachment.

I also added nine kinds of directory icons and added many kinds of extra icons. So you can customize it to what you like later on.

BrunoPup also comes with my Puppy resources - web-get, Woof search engine and eight puppy search engines as posted here.

Bruno comes in a smaller iso and a larger one which includes Open Office.

Download the Bruno-pup-2.0.iso (226 MB)
Md5sum 18a7131655aa9c66de095b774201cf83

Visit BigMike's repository (note that the puplet with OpenOffice is named "Bruno-pupo0-2.0.iso").

For feedback, go to the Forum.

Truly a fantastic puplet! The looks and media experience are awesome!

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UPup from Woof the Puppy Linux Builder

March 4, 2010 (Update) - UPup Made with Woof and with GLX/DRI is shared by playdayz (now version 4.58).

Forum member playdayz shares his puplet uPup based on Ubuntu Karmic.

This uPup was made with Woof.. It is basically a default build of Karmic Puppy, with two exceptions: 1) the GLX/DRI video driver files have been included and enabled; 2) few extra files have been added.

Ideally uPup will correctly install your video card and also install the glx/dri files. That can be checked by Menu -> System -> System status and config -> Hardinfo -> Display and scroll down to see that glx/dri are enabled.

Download the upup-458.ISO 143 MB with md5sum = 3aa69bfae1578b4e42fcec6a8dc876ef

To see more download URLs, or if you are having problems with your video card, read playdayz' forum post.

Advantages of uPup: uPup Karmic has glibc 2.10 which allows it to run SRWare Iron 4.0.227 and presumably other cutting edge programs; no other puplet currently has a glbc > 2.8. Firefox 3.6b6pre and Seamonkey 2 run nicely.. Flashplayer 10 also seems to work without crashing .. Even the newest Flashplayer 10.0.42 runs nicely as does Flashplayer 10.1pre..

Note: The original article was written on Dec 4, 2009.

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TEENpup Mini 2010

TEENpup Mini 2010 is now in beta

teenpup mini 2010 screenshot

John Biles announced the availability of TEENpup Mini 2010 beta in the forum:

Anyone looking for a fast version of Linux with a good selection of Applications that only takes up about 1.1 Gb of space installed on their EeePC's Hard Drive should give TEENpup2010minibeta a try and judge for themselves.

Hey, it's called "mini" but it is already a terrific complete desktop OS! And it is based on the community-released Puppy 4.2.1.

Download from Softpedia (344 MB).

For feedback, visit the forum.

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Dpup Offers New Tricks - A Debian Puppy!

January 25, 2010 - dPup, Debian-based Puppy is now in 484 beta4.

dpup desktop

Feature List:

* Firefox 3.6 with Flash Player 10 and Chatzilla.
* First Boot Wizard.
* Visual Control Panel (Desktop Icon).
* Mplayer media player.
* Custom music player (BMP-based on xmms).
* Screensaver with quickstart tray button.
* Gparted 0.4.8 and file system support for ext4.
* Wallpaper setting with preview.
* Laptop Webcam Viewer.
* StreamIt 1.0 Video Streaming client.
* Parcellite clipboard utility.
* Transmission BitTorrent Client.
* Putty SSH Client.
* Remote Desktop Client (rdp).
* VNC Client.
* Drec 2.1 Desktop Recorder.
* Quick Screenshot utility with tray button.
* Load/Eject CD/DVD by tray button.
* GtkLP Printer Management.
* Native installer for Debian/Ubuntu deb files.
* Xarchive with support for xz.
* LX Task Manager.
* Pburn 3.1.8 CD/DVD burning application.
* Abiword 2.8.1/Gnumeric office applications.
* Rox context menu MD5sum text file creation.
* Graphical Shutdown Wizard.
* Latest updates to core Puppy Applications.
* Complete backend upgrade and gcc-4.4.2 devx

Plus much more...and of course that Puppy Linux feeling.

Download from here.

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