BrunoPup for Good Looks and Rich Media Interface - Based on 4.3.1

BrunoPup is a 4.3.1 puplet with WINE 1.1.16 for running Windows programs, and Java 1.6.0_16. It also has Firefox (Bon Echo in addition to Seamonkey 1.1.18 browser. See the updated download URLs below.

BrunoPup desktop

March 4, 2010 - BrunoPup is released in the Forum by BigMike:

Bruno Pup 2.0 is a whole new look and uses the latest Gnome directory icons. For system icons it uses a combination of Gnome and Crystal icons.

It includes WINE, Java and Flash player. I have also added plugins, extra codecs and needed extra drivers.

It has been pre-configured so there is little to do but boot up Bruno and run it.

A menu for Windows programs is also included. which automatically detects the Windows programs you add to the "wine drive" directory I added in root.

It includes Firefox (Bon Echo) and Seamonkey web browsers. Fonts have been added to make browsing better.

I added Sakura console with transparency.

It is camera-ready for cam chip and USB camera attachment.

I also added nine kinds of directory icons and added many kinds of extra icons. So you can customize it to what you like later on.

BrunoPup also comes with my Puppy resources - web-get, Woof search engine and eight puppy search engines as posted here.

Bruno comes in a smaller iso and a larger one which includes Open Office.

Download the Bruno-pup-2.0.iso (226 MB)
Md5sum 18a7131655aa9c66de095b774201cf83

Visit BigMike's repository (note that the puplet with OpenOffice is named "Bruno-pupo0-2.0.iso").

For feedback, go to the Forum.

Truly a fantastic puplet! The looks and media experience are awesome!

Added by raffy March 5, 2010 (8:57PM)

Barmcake on June 8, 2010 (4:41PM)

Try installing the from here

it has worked for me on a couple of different distros

Timmi on June 8, 2010 (11:09AM)

I wish wifi could be easier. Followed all the procedures and it failed to connect. (eeepc 900sd)

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