TEENpup Mini 2010

TEENpup Mini 2010 is now in beta

teenpup mini 2010 screenshot

John Biles announced the availability of TEENpup Mini 2010 beta in the forum:

Anyone looking for a fast version of Linux with a good selection of Applications that only takes up about 1.1 Gb of space installed on their EeePC's Hard Drive should give TEENpup2010minibeta a try and judge for themselves.

Hey, it's called "mini" but it is already a terrific complete desktop OS! And it is based on the community-released Puppy 4.2.1.

Download from Softpedia (344 MB).

For feedback, visit the forum.

Added by raffy February 23, 2010 (9:58PM)

ivansampa on March 2, 2010 (9:32AM)

Puppy + KDE = :) :)
+ video in youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9ZrTmbeyDQ

adi on February 25, 2010 (5:32PM)

Nice! What a tempest will come! Some problems on gmail when sending a tweet... Regards!

TLM on February 24, 2010 (11:57AM)

This is really good! Already installed and have installed my NVIDIA driver for my desktop card and is working great. Firefox 3.56 will install and seems functional, but generates an error message each time you launch the browser. Also added java without problem. Keep up the good work!

Note: Opera browser is the default browser in TEENpup mini 2010.

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