Molinux - Spanish Puppy Linux (Castellano/Español)

March 15, 2010 - Molinux Zero 2.0 Spanish Puppy Linux is announced. Molinux Zero 2.0 Español Puppy Linux es anunciado.

Molinux Zero 2.0 desktop

Molinux Zero 2.0 is based on Bobby 1.0 which in turn is based on Puppy Linux 4.20. Go to the download page.

Molinux Zero 2.0 se basa en Bobby 1,0 que a su vez está basada en Puppy Linux 4.20. Ir a la página de descarga.

Molinux Zero can operate in old PC - it will operate in minimum 166Mhz processor, 32Mb Ram + Swap (64MB recommended), + 20 x CDROM drive and hard drive.

Molinux Zero puede funcionar en PC antiguos - que operará en el procesador de 166Mhz mínimo, 32MB RAM + Swap (se recomiendan 64 MB), + 20 x unidad de CD-ROM y disco duro.

For feedback, visit the Forum.

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Added by raffy March 19, 2010 (7:30PM)

notme on July 1, 2010 (12:18PM)

is there any english version? would like to have my p1 a try.

Ans: Older versions of Puppy Linux can be downloaded - they are all in English.

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