Puppeee Arcade - Games and Firedog for the eeePCs

January 17, 2010 - Sc0ttman, author of Puppy Arcade and Firedog, introduces Puppeee Arcade, based on Puppeee431-beta3. Enjoy arcade games and Firedog in the eeePC!

Puppeee Arcade desktop

A user-friendly desktop distro with firedog browser suite, wbar on the desktop, an auto-hiding JWM taskbar with quick links, easier save-file management, many more apps and proper gaming as standard.

Project Goals:

- introduce new users to Puppy Linux
- convert users of Eeebuntu, Xandros etc into permanent Puppy users
- be as user friendly and familiar as possible
- be a complete desktop distro - net, office, multimedia, games
- easy control panel and save file management
- maintain Puppy's smaller memory requirements
- work well on crappier Eee PCs with limited space
- minimize disk writing and space requirements

Installation: Backup!!! Then follow the install details here, but use my pup-431.sfs instead! If you're already using Jemimah's 'Puppeee 431 beta', you can simply replace your pup-431.sfs file.

Download pup-431.sfs (127mb, md5 = 62c6f0a96dfb61f2faa7a9ab48bcaae4)

For feedback, visit the Forum.

Added by raffy January 17, 2010 (9:38AM)

Craig on March 21, 2010 (9:12PM)

Well, I am definitely not a linux expert, but
I have got that problem and found that if you create a directory (called "boot") on the boot drive and copy all the boot files into the boot directory (including vmlinuz) that it worked fine

Adrian Chirveches on February 17, 2010 (5:25PM)

Regarding the "unetbootin" application, never used it, never willing to use it! hahaha

Seriously, best thing to do is to get it all done via Puppy Linux, download the original ISO, burn it, and boot it, there's quite a lot of ways to have it installed in a hard drive, or flash drive. Stop using wind0ze, please!

sc0ttman on January 20, 2010 (10:55AM)

It sounds as though you have a bootable drive problem.

Unetbootin can be a real pain the neck, I hate it, and if possible, I use a Puppy Linux install to create a bootable device (with GParted, found in the start menu)..

Then you can simply delete all files on the device, copy the files needed to load Puppeee Arcade to the device and it should work fine.

Other than that, you can keep going with Unetbootin, it will work eventually, but as i say, it's a pain to do.

George on January 20, 2010 (12:41AM)

I downloaded the files and followed all your instructions (at least I think I did). I am using an ASUS 1000HE. I am running Windows 7 RC. I used UNETBOOTIN windows 377 to create a bootable thumb drive. I replaced the eee-431.sfs with your version. I also tried the creator of Puppeee's syslinux.cfg file (same result). I am a total new guy with this project so bear with me. I hit escape after hitting the power button. When I get the boot option for HDD or USB - I highlight USB and hit enter. I then get this message - COULD NOT FIND VMLINUZ. What am I doing wrong? And yes I loaded the five files, picked custom, selected vmlinuz for the kernal and initrd.gz for the initrd. Unetbootin ran without a hitch and I replaced the syslinux.cfg file with the one I downloaded. Again, what did I do wrong?

Take care.


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