BrunoPup for Good Looks and Rich Media Interface - Based on 4.3.1

BrunoPup is a 4.3.1 puplet with WINE 1.1.16 for running Windows programs, and Java 1.6.0_16. It also has Firefox (Bon Echo in addition to Seamonkey 1.1.18 browser. See the updated download URLs below.

BrunoPup desktop

March 4, 2010 - BrunoPup is released in the Forum by BigMike:

Bruno Pup 2.0 is a whole new look and uses the latest Gnome directory icons. For system icons it uses a combination of Gnome and Crystal icons.

It includes WINE, Java and Flash player. I have also added plugins, extra codecs and needed extra drivers.

It has been pre-configured so there is little to do but boot up Bruno and run it.

A menu for Windows programs is also included. which automatically detects the Windows programs you add to the "wine drive" directory I added in root.

It includes Firefox (Bon Echo) and Seamonkey web browsers. Fonts have been added to make browsing better.

I added Sakura console with transparency.

It is camera-ready for cam chip and USB camera attachment.

I also added nine kinds of directory icons and added many kinds of extra icons. So you can customize it to what you like later on.

BrunoPup also comes with my Puppy resources - web-get, Woof search engine and eight puppy search engines as posted here.

Bruno comes in a smaller iso and a larger one which includes Open Office.

Download the Bruno-pup-2.0.iso (226 MB)
Md5sum 18a7131655aa9c66de095b774201cf83

Visit BigMike's repository (note that the puplet with OpenOffice is named "Bruno-pupo0-2.0.iso").

For feedback, go to the Forum.

Truly a fantastic puplet! The looks and media experience are awesome!

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UPup from Woof the Puppy Linux Builder

March 4, 2010 (Update) - UPup Made with Woof and with GLX/DRI is shared by playdayz (now version 4.58).

Forum member playdayz shares his puplet uPup based on Ubuntu Karmic.

This uPup was made with Woof.. It is basically a default build of Karmic Puppy, with two exceptions: 1) the GLX/DRI video driver files have been included and enabled; 2) few extra files have been added.

Ideally uPup will correctly install your video card and also install the glx/dri files. That can be checked by Menu -> System -> System status and config -> Hardinfo -> Display and scroll down to see that glx/dri are enabled.

Download the upup-458.ISO 143 MB with md5sum = 3aa69bfae1578b4e42fcec6a8dc876ef

To see more download URLs, or if you are having problems with your video card, read playdayz' forum post.

Advantages of uPup: uPup Karmic has glibc 2.10 which allows it to run SRWare Iron 4.0.227 and presumably other cutting edge programs; no other puplet currently has a glbc > 2.8. Firefox 3.6b6pre and Seamonkey 2 run nicely.. Flashplayer 10 also seems to work without crashing .. Even the newest Flashplayer 10.0.42 runs nicely as does Flashplayer 10.1pre..

Note: The original article was written on Dec 4, 2009.

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TEENpup Mini 2010

TEENpup Mini 2010 is now in beta

teenpup mini 2010 screenshot

John Biles announced the availability of TEENpup Mini 2010 beta in the forum:

Anyone looking for a fast version of Linux with a good selection of Applications that only takes up about 1.1 Gb of space installed on their EeePC's Hard Drive should give TEENpup2010minibeta a try and judge for themselves.

Hey, it's called "mini" but it is already a terrific complete desktop OS! And it is based on the community-released Puppy 4.2.1.

Download from Softpedia (344 MB).

For feedback, visit the forum.

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Puppeee Arcade - Games and Firedog for the eeePCs

January 17, 2010 - Sc0ttman, author of Puppy Arcade and Firedog, introduces Puppeee Arcade, based on Puppeee431-beta3. Enjoy arcade games and Firedog in the eeePC!

Puppeee Arcade desktop

A user-friendly desktop distro with firedog browser suite, wbar on the desktop, an auto-hiding JWM taskbar with quick links, easier save-file management, many more apps and proper gaming as standard.

Project Goals:

- introduce new users to Puppy Linux
- convert users of Eeebuntu, Xandros etc into permanent Puppy users
- be as user friendly and familiar as possible
- be a complete desktop distro - net, office, multimedia, games
- easy control panel and save file management
- maintain Puppy's smaller memory requirements
- work well on crappier Eee PCs with limited space
- minimize disk writing and space requirements

Installation: Backup!!! Then follow the install details here, but use my pup-431.sfs instead! If you're already using Jemimah's 'Puppeee 431 beta', you can simply replace your pup-431.sfs file.

Download pup-431.sfs (127mb, md5 = 62c6f0a96dfb61f2faa7a9ab48bcaae4)

For feedback, visit the Forum.

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XP-like Puppy 4.3.1 ENGLISH version

New English XP-skinned puplet was created by the Hungarian community.

Wine 1.1.35 was also included for installing Windows programs.

Download here:

Visit the Hungarian Puppy Linux Community webpage

Hungarian version of XP-look is here.

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New xp-like puplet

A new Hungarian puplet is available from the Hungarian community. It is based on the official 4.3.1 Puppy Linux.

It also contains Wine 1.1.33 for some Windows programs and Winetricks for Explorer, Direct3d, Total-commander or Irfanview.

New Hungarian xp look-alike puplet

Dowload here:

Main theme files available here: theme files

ENGLISH users: See the English XP-look here.

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Hungarian NOP 4.3.1

A Hungarian community created a localized version from the great NOP puplet.

hungarian nop 431

Download here. More info from the skami forum.

More programs for puppy from the Hungarian ftp server.

ENGLISH users: See the English XP-look here.

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Nov 14, 2009 - At the Forum, gillmaus wrote:

I built a puplet to reuse my old computers as gaming-place and educational suite for my kids..
(Based on GamesPup 2.16 - thanx to headfound.)

.. I suggest a install on HD. There are no 3D-hardware dependent games included.

My children really enjoy the easy-access icons for their suitable games on the desktop. All non-kid games are launched by the gamelauncher-icon. Just delete this icon to protect your children from accidently watching head-chopping actions..

Download from puppyiso mirror (user puppy password linux), md5sum 581bfcdc8c2d6684d364b559c2aab2af

For feedback to the author, visit the Forum.

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Nov 10, 2009 - Puppy-4.2.1-MULTIUSER.iso revision 3 is available!

Pizzasgood's avatarOn Oct 5, 2009, Pizzasgood, the youngest but one of the prolific developers of Puppy Linux, released the much-awaited multiuser puplet - see the Forum for his original post:

puppy-4.2.1-MULTIUSER-r3.iso - (101 MB) or try russoodle's mirror (user puppy password linux)
md5sum ff7e5a22b6eecc6db0b5b809278198e4

"This is a multiuser version [revision 2] of Puppy 4.2.1. Initially, it should work just like a normal 4.2.1 Puppy - you are automatically logged in as root. However, there are a few new wizards in the Setup section of the menu. One for adding new users. One for changing your password. And one for disabling the automatic login. The idea here is that this could be used as a standard Puppy, without impacting the vast majority who like to be root, while still allowing the few who really have good reasons to not be root to do as they choose with minimum effort. Which also means they stop complaining about how they don't like being root. So it's a win for everybody."

For feedback, go to the Forum.

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Puppy Linux in Virtual Machine

Puppy Linux 4.3.1rc2 in VirtualBox runs well, see the Forum article by playdayz.

... useful for those running Windows, so they might have a Puppy on their desktop...

...needs a physical machine with 1GB ram for VirtualBox and Puppy to run in Windows safely (or at least 768MB...)

1) download and install VirtualBox;
2) download and unpack this zip archive; the archive is 254MB and the unzipped folder is 274MB (the [size] increase over Puppy 4.3.1 is to install the VirtualBox services in order that all features will work; check download with md5sum = ee06f7ac6959b31e012aa8b352e9b849);
3) open VirtualBox and "File -> Import Appliance" and select the ovf file inside the folder Puppy431rc2. When it has been imported, select that virtual machine in VirtualBox and click Start. (Testing in XP, I had to manually enable some of the options such as USB and Network--just look at the list of options when you select Puppy 4.3.1 and click each option and then click the Enable box.)

See also vmPuppy 2.14X (Puppy with kernel 2.6.18 updated by ttuuxxx and running in VMWare).

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