Nov 14, 2009 - At the Forum, gillmaus wrote:

I built a puplet to reuse my old computers as gaming-place and educational suite for my kids..
(Based on GamesPup 2.16 - thanx to headfound.)

.. I suggest a install on HD. There are no 3D-hardware dependent games included.

My children really enjoy the easy-access icons for their suitable games on the desktop. All non-kid games are launched by the gamelauncher-icon. Just delete this icon to protect your children from accidently watching head-chopping actions..

Download from puppyiso mirror (user puppy password linux), md5sum 581bfcdc8c2d6684d364b559c2aab2af

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Added by raffy November 14, 2009 (12:01AM)

Vincent on February 9, 2010 (3:57PM)

Thanks for your effort! I'm going to load this into an old laptop for my young boys today. I'm happy that Puppy Linux has such a helpful community.

jpsimm on November 28, 2009 (6:00AM)

Thanks for the effort. There are a handful of games that are standard in Gnome that I wish I could have in Puppy. At 68 years old I do not care for most action games but I greatly enjoy these Gnome games just as past-times. The small freecell and other cut down games that usually found in Puppy are poor substitutes and not enjoyable. They may as well not be there at all. Well, Gemgame is not too bad. I look forward to when I can learn how to do an SFS add-on with some of the "standards" that other OS's have. If I can ever manage this Puppy will be a stand-alone on my computer(s).

Well done, your work is in the correct direction.

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