New xp-like puplet

A new Hungarian puplet is available from the Hungarian community. It is based on the official 4.3.1 Puppy Linux.

It also contains Wine 1.1.33 for some Windows programs and Winetricks for Explorer, Direct3d, Total-commander or Irfanview.

New Hungarian xp look-alike puplet

Dowload here:

Main theme files available here: theme files

ENGLISH users: See the English XP-look here.

Added by skami December 7, 2009 (4:13AM)

pete22 on January 28, 2010 (1:19PM)

Today when I tried to download the english copy of this program from the link on RR on December 29, 2009 (5:50AM) it downloaded NOP instead.

Govindan on January 14, 2010 (4:12AM)

The harddisk partitions are not getting mounted even after activating the mount options

RR on December 29, 2009 (5:50AM)

Original English NOP 4.3.1 is there.

Note: The new Hungarian English version is here.

Eddie on December 25, 2009 (2:08PM)

That would be nice..!
I think that many people would apreciate this, because i see a lot of xp talk on the forums, and my own futile try's to create one are a disaster :$

And Merry Christmas to all readers!


skami on December 25, 2009 (11:18AM)

i will create a new english version if u need...

Eddie on December 24, 2009 (3:40PM)

Can't you place the English version on here ore something??
The Hungarien shit isn't removable (like b.maheshwer already said) :@
Firefox and everything are still in Hangarian, isn't really user (EN) friendly puplet.
Almost everyone can use the English version......

Thnx anyway

Hero on December 16, 2009 (9:17AM)

welcome from Hungary!
Thank you for Skami, i am a user from Hungary. I love this Puppy Linux version.

skami on December 12, 2009 (10:35AM)

Won't run the script? couldn't find that script?

Menu files can be edited with any editor, like leafpad and geany.

Desktop icons definition file available here : /root/Choices/ROX-Filer/PuppyPin

Menu files are here, but all files have English description: /usr/share/desktop-directories and /usr/share/applications

Enjoy :-)

b.maheshwer on December 11, 2009 (12:27PM)

Some of the text is in English(Gtk text),and some of the entries are Non-English (like menu file and desktop icons text). Why is this happening?

b.maheshwer on December 11, 2009 (12:23PM)

i tried to set to english by following chooselocale command,but no success. can someone help?

s-kami on December 8, 2009 (2:31AM)

Yes, available of course, but you need to boot and change the locale settings.
Console --> chooselocale

baguuz on December 7, 2009 (7:43PM)

available in english..??

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