Superseded with newer release.

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Webserver Pup


From the site:
" Parent Puppy: Barebones Pup 4.1.2 -> Browserpuppy
ISO Size: 74MB
Two versions:
Webserverpuppy with Hiawatha and PureFTP
Webserverpuppy Xampp* with Apache and ProFTPD "

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From the site: "ShepherdPup is a compact freely distributable tool for Christian evangelism. Focusing on bible study and personal evangelism, it can be easily remastered by individual evangelists or groups to suit the needs of community outreach. "

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4.3beta1 available


Known bugs/limitations:
1. Not a bug so much, a lack. I need to recompile the kernel to provide pci hotplug support. It somehow got missed out (so no pciehp module).
2. Definitely not yet the final theme!


Blog Item

Forum Discussion and Bug Reports

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Puppy Crypt 4.20


From the site: "Parent Puppy: Puppy Linux 4.2.0 "Deep Thought"

ISO Size: 376MB
Language: English

OpenOffice 3.0 (dictionary: EN, IT, ES, PO, DE, FR);
Skype 2.0 - internet telephony;
Vlc - media player with audio and video codecs;
Gimp 2.4 - image editor;
TrueCrypt (volume mounted in "mnt", with Desktop link) - create a virtual encrypted disk;
Mozilla Thunderbird (dictionary: EN, IT, ES, PO, DE, FR) + Enigmail + GnuPG - email sign, authenticate, encrypt and decrypt;
GtkHash - create hash from files or text (MD5, SHA1, ...);
Java (jre-6u10-beta)."


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Succi Linux

succi linux

From the site: "O que era bom ficou ainda melhor, agora a Succi (Puppy Totalmente em português do Brasil) está com um novo visual mais limpo e com muitas correções e melhorias!!! Foram adicionados novos programas como o Pidgin e um programa de planilhas eletrônicas, além de jogos e muito mais."

Download version r2 98 MB (Thanks to russoodle; user=puppy password=linux).

This was last announced here as Brazilian (Portuguese) puplet.

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New K-9 Puplet


From the site:
"Size approx. 86.1 MB
Window Manager: XFCE 4.6.1
Parent: NOP 4.13-r1
This is an early alpha stage version of K-9. It has been tested by three admins who are good friends of mine, and they all both liked it and pointed out some issues I am working on right now. Thanks a lot guys! ;-)"

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Puppy 4.3 pre-beta-reloaded

Barry has done another build, with kernel only, to test the fixes since 4.3 pre-beta. Get it from here:



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New Browserpup


Download here

From the site: "BrowserLinux is a fast and small (79 MB!) Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux for surfing the web:
* Web-browser (Firefox 3.5.x)
* Flash 10 (Fullscreen Youtube)
* JWM rounded corners
* PDF-reader
* Music Player (Alsaplayer)
* Asus Eee: wireless works on Eee PC "

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Brazilian Puplet

succi linux

Succi Linux (Portuguese-Brazil) Puplet

From the site: "Succi Linux é o que todos os usuários brasileiros esperavam:
A versão traduzida do PuppyLinux. Succi usa o XFCE4.6 como gerenciador de janelas
e tem um visual extraordinário com tema black e ícones vermelhos!!!!
Acesse http://succi-linux.blogspot.com para maiores informações"

Download version r2 98 MB (Thanks to russoodle; user=puppy password=linux).

Note: This is announced at a later date here as Succi Linux.

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