From the site: "ShepherdPup is a compact freely distributable tool for Christian evangelism. Focusing on bible study and personal evangelism, it can be easily remastered by individual evangelists or groups to suit the needs of community outreach. "

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1pritts2u on October 2, 2009 (12:51PM)

As posted at LinuxForChristians:

An idea has been forwarded today by a few of the ShepherdPup users to pursue several local churches this month about possibly presenting ShepherdPup - Personal Edition to their congregations as a Christmas/New Years gift. It has even been suggested that we post to ChristianSource and to others Church sites to make this an internet wide idea.........

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Daniel Bonnici on September 2, 2009 (5:52PM)

The pupplet called "ShepherdPup" is amazing!
I finally got around to loading it in my two-year old Intel e6550 "Core two-duo" system running Vista Ultimate @ 2.3 Ghz
and with 2 G-byes of DDR2 ram.
Load up was fast and positive. No surprises except the usual requirement to set up the adsl network which is a breeze.
Once loaded and configured (adsl) it is rock solid and very responsive.
Now I'm obliged to do some serious Bible study!

If that function is as per the loading up, it should be great! What a nice bunch of extras!

Many thanks to the dedicattion of the team that created this exciting puplet.

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