Puppy Crypt 4.20


From the site: "Parent Puppy: Puppy Linux 4.2.0 "Deep Thought"

ISO Size: 376MB
Language: English

OpenOffice 3.0 (dictionary: EN, IT, ES, PO, DE, FR);
Skype 2.0 - internet telephony;
Vlc - media player with audio and video codecs;
Gimp 2.4 - image editor;
TrueCrypt (volume mounted in "mnt", with Desktop link) - create a virtual encrypted disk;
Mozilla Thunderbird (dictionary: EN, IT, ES, PO, DE, FR) + Enigmail + GnuPG - email sign, authenticate, encrypt and decrypt;
GtkHash - create hash from files or text (MD5, SHA1, ...);
Java (jre-6u10-beta)."


Added by terrier August 12, 2009 (10:28PM)

rollobix on September 24, 2009 (5:42AM)

Ciao a tutti!
The name of this distro is "Puppy Crypt 4.2", you can download it at

bye bye, rollobix (http://crypt.altervista.org/)

raffy on September 21, 2009 (4:10AM)

The link is working now. Since this is based on version 4.2.0, the release date must be Summer 2009.

Janus on September 18, 2009 (12:27AM)

Hey, the link for this isn't working. =( Can you retry uploading the file. Btw, how knew is this distro? I remember hearing of a similar one but support was discontinued and it's hard to find now. Thanks.

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