4.3beta1 available


Known bugs/limitations:
1. Not a bug so much, a lack. I need to recompile the kernel to provide pci hotplug support. It somehow got missed out (so no pciehp module).
2. Definitely not yet the final theme!


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Added by terrier August 15, 2009 (6:51PM)

David Schmidt on August 25, 2009 (10:39AM)

I await the new puppy. I recently used old version of puppy to restore windows installation that had been trashed by viri. I am a linux dwebe. I have connected to internet using puppy and internal modems, but I have never been able to get puppy to recognized laptop wifi card so I could connect wirelessly. This still seems to be a feature that requires some programming expertise to use.
Also Please Please Please Please make a wineing puplet, a puplet with wine installed and with lots of help documentation and / macros that would let even the most hopeless grannie install and use wintell programs.
I for one would love to be able to walk away from windows but there are lots of win programs that do not have a linux equivalent. And Linux is still very very hard for the non initiated to use. Of the Linuxes Ihave tried to mess with Puppy is by far the easiest for the nuub to use, then Unbuntu, the others are impossibly obscure.
I have used quemy dsl as a browser substitute, could someone make a quemu puppy that can mount USB drives. This would be good for browsing, allow stuff to be saved, but would keep the C drive relatively safe.

Thank you again Barry and all the other puppy wranglers for a program that is small but fast ,playful and helpful.

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