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Dec 25, 2009 - PuppyLinuxFAQ is ready with fun answers to questions in Puppy Linux!

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It's Christmas, but Puppyite is still busy updating PuppyLinuxFAQ, a Web facility for answering common questions in Puppy Linux (starting with Puppy version 4.2.1 (also numbered 4.21 or called Deep Thought).

Started in mid-November, 2009, PuppyLinuxFAQ is meant to answer newbie questions with as simple and "Window-ish" answers as possible (explanations based on Windows usage). The site is therefore perfect for people just starting to learn Linux.

The author, Puppyite, explains: "My plan for the future of the Puppy Linux FAQ: I’m adding new material daily. Right now you can read articles ranging from using the GUI to loading SFS files. I intend to document every aspect of the Puppy Linux operating system. My initial offerings cover basic tasks but soon I’ll branch out to more esoteric areas. The Puppy Linux FAQ will have something to interest Linux users of all skill levels. I recommend that everyone visits the site right now: www.puppylinuxfaq.org. Prepare to be Impressed!"

Added by raffy December 25, 2009 (5:00PM)

Puppyite on February 12, 2010 (12:57PM)

Just to be clear: I do not support or use any distribution other than Puppy Linux.

Puppyite on February 12, 2010 (12:52PM)

To anonymous poster who asked: “I haven't found my brand, system, or component info on your site.”

The only way I can help is if you post your question (with valid email address) at: http://www.puppylinuxfaq.org/ask.html

Questions Linux on February 11, 2010 (12:59PM)

The problem I've been encountering with Linux, mainly Ubuntu, is that the OS does not support older hardware. So it either does not install or fails to support major system components like the display, mouse, and/or modem. And there is no coherent support within the distribution community for a fix. What's needed is a System to Component support status and fix... Wiki/Community/FAQ/Whatever. If that's not there, then the OS DOES NOT WORK. That's it. That's why Microsoft OS is 'better': the OS works on PC hardware, or if it doesn't, there's some coherent way to find a fix. So far, I haven't found my brand, system, or component info. on your site. Is there a reasonable path ?

Terry on December 30, 2009 (8:18PM)


I sense some frustration - which is normal for any Microsoft user exploring Linux...

BTW, I am relatively new myself and admit LINUX can be a mine field and you will encounter 'know-it-alls' and lots of 'rude' people, who lurk on forums, just looking to 'pounce' - you will also find some genuine people who want to help you but first, avoid the natural urge to obsess over Bill Gates and his wonderful empire - we all use his products - but like anything else - everything has a place...

Linux was derived from the UNIX programming community and has evolved to the point where you as a user can accomplish many things for free under the 'Open Architecture' support of programmers and developers who want to give you the benefit of their experience (see: http://www.gnu.org/) that said -

I have played with several distros (versions of Linux OS) with my individual objective of having a 'bloat-free' laptop that I can take on road-trips to surf, watch movies and email and also use some (ham-radio) Windows progs.

The best by far (and each has its merits) for me has been Puppy Linux, that I install as a 'frugal' install from an ISO file to an SD Card and run on my laptop - it does everything I require!

My advice: download Puppy 4.31 and just use it and have fun!!!


Terry Bennett, Canada

Greg Zeng on December 28, 2009 (1:27AM)

Why is PUPPY better than other of the hundreds of Linux distributions?

I've tried PC LINUX OS -- disaster!! I wanted the KDE desktop, & it crashed twice. What desktop it comes with is not obvious.

PCLOS does not give advice on how much virtual ram space, etc to use. There are no help files for the new installer.

Perhaps PUPPY has bypassed these standard Linux failings?

BTW: Like most other PC USERS, I am familiar with M$ Windows - one of the best in the world. Linux reminds me of M$ Windows 2.11. Always dropping to crazy unexplained crashes and unhelpful CLI (command line interface).

Greg Zeng. Australian Capital Territory.

wilde on December 27, 2009 (2:07AM)

very good thanks !!!!!

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