XOpup 1.0 is Released

October 17, 2010 - XOpup 1.0 is released. The XOpup is a result of almost a year of labor and advocacy from forum member mavrothal - see the Forum announcement.

XOpup Desktop

Mavrothal was glad that his persistence plus the help of developers finally led to this release. He acknowledges the help of "01micko with crucial input from Mitch Bradley, Anna, Paul Fox, Edie Owens and ttuuxxx".

Mavrothal continues: XOpup-1 is based on Puppylinux 5.1.1 with several customizations to fit the hardware. In addition to the custom kernels and under the hood optimizations, it includes custom desktop, quickpet, first-run screen, battery monitor, touchpad widget for XO-1, swap-file maker and power management. It also includes other goodies like the free-memory deamon, the lupu-511 "light" version of the Midori browser as default, and all the standard Puppylinux 5.1.1 applications and programs.

Download XOpup 1.0
[tar.gz] 114 MB, md5sum = e01bced2c4d24677119291ec3a3ef501

The compressed tarball shall be expanded to a DOS/VFAT or Linux/Ext2-3 formatted USB or SD flash and used to boot the XO-1 or XO-1.5. Read more details in the build announcement.

For feedback, visit the Forum

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