Puppeee 1.0 for the eee is Released

August 7, 2010 - Puppeee, amazing distro for the eeePC, is released.

puppeee screenshot

In the puppeee home page, Jemimah wrote: Puppeee is an ultralight, user-friendly Linux distribution for the EeePC

Puppeee should work on EeePCs with Intel GMA900, GMA950, and GMA3150 graphics cards. This is most 10 inch or smaller models. There is partial support for the 1101HA/1201HA with the GMA500 using Xvesa.

Jemimah has described Puppeee's development in the Forum: Puppeee comes with a custom ultralight preemptive kernel optimized specifically for Atom or Celeron processors - the result is fast boot time, high performance, and low power usage.

Download Puppeee and read the install instructions given in the same page. For feedback, visit the puppeee forum.

Puppeee Features:

Full hardware support for most Atom and Celeron EeePc Models
Choice of desktop: ROX, Netbook Launcher, PCManFM, or No Icons
Choice of IceWM, Flwm, or OpenBox window managers
Large selection of Backgrounds, Icons, and Themes
Synaptics and Elantech Touchpad support
Overclocking and Fan control
Pwireless2 network manager
Suspend and hibernate
Ramboot - diskless power saving mode
Webcam Capture
Eee-control utility
Updated Xorg 7.6 with OpenGL acceleration
Acpi automatic power management and hotkey support
Prolong your SSD's life and save space with a frugal install
Over 150 lightweight applications and utilities that open quickly, fit your screen, and won't bog you down

Puppeee aims to pack maximum possible functionality into minimum space. It's not too skinny or too fat. At the moment, the download size is about 130MB.

Featured Applications:

IceWM, Flwm, Openbox
Rox, PCManFm, and EmelFM2
Gsmartcontrol, Ddrescue, Photorec, and Testdisk
Google Chrome Browser, Pidgin IM, Claws Mail
Goggles Music Manager, Gxine, and Xfmedia
Pwidgets, Pmenu, Startmount, RoxRightClicks
Dia, mtPaint, Inkscape, Printoxx, Fotoxx
UCView Webcam Capture
FBReader, TangoGPS, Flite Speech Synthesizer
Pwireless2, PuTTY, Remote Desktop, OpenVPN, Bluez
Streamtuner, Transmission, Uget

NOTE: SquashFS v4 (sfs4) in 4.3.1 is not compatible with older sfs format, so the use of old sfs files will require conversion (see the conversion utility in the menu). For more information, read the official release news.

Added by raffy August 7, 2010 (6:00PM)

DaVince on November 24, 2010 (12:58PM)

"There is partial support for the 1101HA/1201HA with the GMA500 using Xvesa."

Note that XVesa means NO hardware support. XVesa is a fallback driver that pretty much all graphics hardware can work with, ie the GMA500 is NOT supported.

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