ShepherdPup - Third Anniversary Edition

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UPDATE: 07/024/11 Now based on Wary 5.1.2

I am pleased to publicly announce the release of our latest version of ShepherdPup Linux (Forum).

This third anniversary edition of ShepherdPup Linux is a self contained freely distributable derivative of Puppy Linux featuring the all new pBiblx2 - Field Wise Bible System (Forum) complete with the many Christian resource materials that we are currently using and developing in our own daily ministries. It is an excellent starting point for you to add your own personal additions as well. (Think "Bible Server Seed")

From its very conception, ShepherdPup has been developed to stand out from other bible software by following this simple motto "It's meant to be given". This new edition takes the concept of bible sharing to even greater depths. You are welcome to use and modify it as your outreach efforts in the Lord see fit.

More details and a functional on line "live demo" of the pBiblx2 CGI is available at:

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