Puplite for Good Old Times

January 1, 2011 - Sc0ttman's Puplite brings back good old Puppy 4.20 with lots of tweaks found in the new Puppies of 2010.

Puplite first boot desktop

From the forum announcement, Puplite has:

  • first-boot configuration options;
  • sfs loading on the fly (point it to downloaded sfs files);
  • goodies from new Puppies of 2010;
  • grub4dos for booting; and
  • Puppy Arcade 10 as base ISO.

Download the ISO from eMinima Mirror.

Extra drivers are available in the Murga Forum, thanks to Tempestuous.

NOTE: Use with Puplite only sfs files built with Squash file version 3. (Sfs4 files are used starting with Puppy Linux 4.3.)

Added by raffy January 1, 2011 (12:10AM)

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