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Welcome to the Puppy Linux News site!

This will be the official community news site.

The multi-user news site is running on sNews, a fantastic CMS that uses only 2 files together with a MySQL backend.

In this, my first use of the editing page, I saw BB-like buttons for adding HTML code (see the image below). Note that BR inserts a hard break while Break splits the article into a teaser for the front page and a full article for viewing.

editing in sNews

You should tick the "Publish" box as well as choose a category under "Customize" for your article to be correctly placed in the site. Filling in the META information will help the search engines index your page.

Admins have access to the image uploading feature via the Admin - Files menu item. Files can be uploaded into folders as long as the folder name is not "files". The folder available for uploading is named "userfiles". Avoid uploading to the "root" folder (..) as this will clutter the main directory.

Feel free to test and hack sNews. As to the current theme, it is here (breaking news theme).

Please post your comments, suggestions and themes/images at the Murga Forum.


Added by raffy July 15, 2009 (3:43AM)

jack34 on March 5, 2010 (4:36AM)

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That was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you

Raffy on July 30, 2009 (4:58PM)

Those RSS links work for me. Please describe what is not working. Thanks!

(The issue I encountered in setting that up was the "UTF-8" part. The script used here accepts only "UTF8" and not "UTF-8".)

Martin on July 30, 2009 (1:49AM)

Nice new website! :-)
But RSS seems not working :-(

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