XOpup development starts

Oct 23, 2009 - Puppy Linux developer ttuuxxx just received 2 units of the XO-1 laptops for the development of XOpup (puplet for the XO-1).

ttuuxxx avatar ".. I received the 2X laptops today, They are the current model, I did specifically ask for the next generation or prototype, the reason is that, if this takes like 6 months [like 2.14X did], then once it's finished it could be useless. Also the power adapters are North American.. so I have to go out and buy 2x 12V adapters." - see the Forum for the full post.

According to Forum member mavrothal, as many as 1 million XO users can benefit from the expected snappy XOpup.

ttuuxxx has successfully updated Puppy Linux 214R, a special puplet built by Forum members pakt and dougal using Puppy Linux version 2.14 which, in turn, was based on Linux kernel version 2.6.18. Called 214X, ttuuxxx's puplet sports new libraries and Firefox 3.5.

ttuuxxx helped a lot in the development of Puppy Linux CE 4.2 and, since the release of 4.2CE, has ben releasing a Firefox version of Puppy Linux that he called "Puppies". Look here for Puppies 4.2.1 and there for Puppies 4.3.1.

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Alejandro Lavarello - alejol on November 6, 2009 (2:25PM)

This is a very, very great notice.

My daughter has a XO and I do not like the interface Sugar neither Journal file manager. And my daughter feels
comfortable with a standard GUI interface, like Windows.

Recently, I made a backup of her Journal. It ends with 400 MB of almost-unusable files, with obscure names like
23AB45BC-090AD-34AB-534 and .metadata files "explaining" what each file is.

It seems that guys at MIT have erred with Journal invention. This do not help to share data with non-XO computers.

Go ahead, ttuuxxx !!

sola on October 31, 2009 (5:02PM)

I second mavrothal, a lot of XO-1 users may benefit from a good Puppy for XO-1 release.

Currently, I use an Ubuntu variant with XFCE on my XO-1 (Teapot's UBuntu).

This is a nice distro but could use some speed, the XO-1 has really weak hardware.

If a Puppy variant can be developed and that is faster, a lot of XO-1 users may switch to it in order to make their XO-1s more usable.

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