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From itnews.com.au:

"If you are using the internet for a commercial transaction, use a Linux boot up disk - such as Ubuntu or some of the other flavours. Puppylinux is a nice small distribution that boots up fairly quickly.

"It gives you an operating system which is perfectly clean and operates only in the memory of the computer and is a perfectly safe way of doing internet banking," van der Graaf said.

Added by raffy October 9, 2009 (5:52PM)

joe on November 5, 2009 (5:48PM)

Even if you save some of what you do on the computer won't that be saved outside of Windows? If so, would a trojan find it? I have always assumed that using a live cd will defeat any keystroke trojan as the trojan will be sitting in the Win OS which will not be activated.

Answer: Windows out of the box can't read Linux filesystem.

otropogo on October 25, 2009 (9:56PM)

Isn't this only true if you don't use any 2fs file? I'm assuming that once you use a save file on the hard drive, then spyware or toolkits can be inserted into the system. And since Puppy users are forced to run as root all the time, the danger is that much greater.

Answer: Right, no use of pup_save file is assumed.

Even running as "root" (as default user), however, there has been no reported security problem yet with Puppy Linux. If still in doubt, go multiuser.

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